I am a Working Mom

I am a working mom of 4 kids. To say life is crazy, well yes – it is. I took a leave 3 years ago and left corporate America to be home with my kids. During that time I worked at home, but for myself. Last spring, I accepted a job back in corporate America and here we are.

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Returning to the Work Force

Over the last several months, there have been many lessons learned in trying to balance work and life. Fortunately, I have a job that allows me to work at home a few days a week – though I do put in on average 50 hours a week. I’ve learned for me, there is no work life balance, it’s a working life.

Kids in school, mom is working

That Mom

  • I am the mom who has her laptop in the doctor’s office while her kid is getting strep tested.
  • I am the mom who throws her kid a pop tart before he gets on the bus so that he will have eaten breakfast.
  • I am the mom who has to leave a meeting to answer the frantic phone call from my kid who is locked out of the house.
  • I am the mom who is on email at 11 pm and 6 am – but focused on family from 7 am – 9 am and 5 pm – 8pm.
  • I am the mom who makes lunches a week ahead (one week, then the next week – it’s SCHOOL LUNCHES FOR ALL!)

Nope, not perfect – but are any of us? I am trying and it works most of the time.

According to Pew Research, 63% of moms now work, 46% full-time and 17% part-time. So I know there are a lot more working moms out there, and many more that are contemplating jumping back into the work force.

Working Mom Tips

Raising them kids is never easy, throw a full or part-time job into the mix, you have even more chaos! Stay tuned. Each week we will be bringing you a series specifically for moms who work. We will feature tips and tricks that have helped me adjust back into the working mom life – and since I surely don’t know it all – I will also some feature thoughts from other mothers who are juggling kids, a career and family.  Want to contribute about your experience as a working mom? Drop me a line at editor@themkids.com


Working Mom Tips and Tricks


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