7 Things All Working Mom Know All To Well

Working moms, this one is for you. Here are 7 things we all know all to well.

7 Things All Working Mom Know All To Well

Sick Kid Dilema

working mom with sick kid

Is my kid too sick to go to school? Who will take him to the doctor? When is the last time he had medicine? Working mom struggle, for real…

Missing a School Party

While I try my best to do as many school functions as possible, I have to miss out on all school parties. It’s always a bummer hearing my kid saying he wanted me there, but it’s part of the j-o-b.

Daycare Closed – Work Isn’t

Fortunately, my work place is generous with their holiday schedule but there are still a few days a year that the daycare is closed, but my or my husband work is not. We take turns taking off, and we have found a back-up sitter but still sucks.

Sleeping In Means a VERY Late Morning

Running Late

Oh lawdy, fortunately we have only had this situation happen once but it was NOT good. I slept in. I thought my phone was plugged in, which I use as an alarm clock. Nope, phone was NOT plugged in. The alarm clock does NOT go off. I look at the clock at it’s 8:45 am. The bus arrives twice for TWO pick-ups and both are missed. My husband has a meeting at 9:00 am. The kids are all late for school. I am suppose to be in the office, that is a 30-minute drive away. There is nothing you can do but put on your big girl panties and deal with the situation. UGH.

Friends Who Don’t Work

I love my friends and if they choose to work or not work is TOTALLY their deal. BUT, us working moms know all to well what it’s like to have that group of friends who get to lunch and go to the gym all during the day while you are at work. Yep, totally pretending not to be jelly but totally am.

Forgetting Homework, Lunch or School Projects

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received a text or phone call “Mom, I forgot my lunch.” “Mom, my project is on the table, can your bring me it?” “Mom, I forgot my homework – can you pick me up?” No, all the NOs….

Co-Workers Who Don’t Have Kids

It so helps having someone in the work place that GETS that you have kids and understands when you are looking rough because of a crazy morning, that you need to leave your door shut and just get work done. THEN there are the co-workers who feel like you are using your kids as an excuse. I’ve heard the comments… “Gosh, I guess I should so have kids.” Uh. no. Kids are a major part of my life, but I GET MY JOB DONE and done well, and that is all that matters. Amen? AMEN.

What are the things that you feel like all working moms know all to well?

7 Things Working Moms Know All To Well

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  1. Brooke Allen

    January 26, 2016 at 6:52 am

    A few to add to the list:

    The guilt!!
    I always feel so guilty when I have to work late and don’t get to tuck my kiddo into bed or worse, traveling and having to FaceTime him to say goodnight.

    The lists
    There are always endless to-do lists that never seem to get any smaller no matter how early the day starts or how late the goes, lists for the home or work, it’s never ending.

    Not sure if you’re like me but vacation time is usually spent on family obligations and not on actual vacations!

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