15 Awesome Toddler Bed Ideas

toddler beds

So it’s time to move your toddler from the crib to a toddler bed. I dreaded this moment with our last child. I knew he was our last, and the crib just felt right and the BIG BOY BED is just so TODDLER not BABY, wah. BUT, then our kid started escaping his crib. The great crib escape (as demonstrated … Read More

The Time My Son Burned His Arm With a Flaming Marshmallow

making smores

Everyone loves roasting smores, right? We bought this awesome fire pit for our back yard. The visions of sitting around the fire pit, laughing while roasting smores and keeping warm were all we could think about when we purchased it, but fire pits and kids – they just don’t mix. We waited until our youngest was 4 to do the … Read More

100 School Backpacks Under $25

school backpacks

It’s back to school time! Yes, already. This year we are trying something new with school – we are virtual schooling. But every other year, right about this time is when we go on the infamous annual trek to find the kids new backpacks for the year. Each year, while we don’t splurge on the cutesy school supplies – we … Read More

10 Backyard Bug Repellents That Will Help Keep the Bugs AWAY!

repel the bugs

So here’s the deal. Our 2 toddlers are finally old enough to play out in the backyard by themselves. We have a great house with 7 huge windows that all face out to our backyard. I can be in the living room or kitchen and see them. We also have a nice porch with a swing, so needless to say … Read More

Love Them More When They Least Deserve It

love me when i least deserve it

Love me when I least deserve it because that is when I really need it. – Swedish Proverb I stumbled across this when hounding through Pinterest (i’m a Pinterest addict). How true are these words. When those rotten little creatures called your children and destroying the house you built for them. Love them more. Hrmm.. I am going to have … Read More