Pregnancy Morning Sickness With My Third Child

Pregnancy morning sickness is every pregnant woman’s fear and nightmare if she has to deal with it.

I am still shocked that we’re adding another member to the household. It’s something we’ve planned for and have been trying for almost the past year. **TMI NOTICE** I have a screwed up period, so I actually have NO idea how far along I am. By my recent weight gain, I am hoping I am 6 months along (hardy har har).

Today, as I was sitting in a seminar working over lunch with a chicken salad sandwich, I came to the quick understanding that chicken salad and this pregnancy was NOT going to mix. I was doing SO good with minimal sickness so far this pregnancy, but had to proceed to the lady’s room.

Pregnancy Morning Sickness with My Third Child


bag-0121With my first child Z, I spent 7 months yacking. I’d vomit when I woke up, I vomitted on the way to work (twice, I had to return home to change clothes and clean out the car). I lived on Zofran. I didn’t gain weight at all during the pregnant because well I threw everything up. No fun. My baby girl was tiny 6lbs 1oz. The good news, after she was born MY puking stopped – unfortunately she had awful reflux so SHE was the one puking all the time then, for right around 9 months. Isn’t it funny how that works.

My 2nd child E was a total surprise. I was on birth control (THANKS NUVARING!) and had an 18 month old. The vomitting clued me in that MAYBE just maybe I was pregnant. Fortunately only 3 months were spent yacking with him.

Praying for an easy pregnancy. I am traveling a lot and morning sickness just doesn’t make puking any funner. Just in case, I have started stealing barf bags from airplanes. One can never be TOO prepared.

Did you deal with pregnancy morning sickness?

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