What are Magformers and Why Do Kids Love Them

I’ve been meaning to do a Magformers review for a while. Under the Christmas tree again this year, were a few boxes of Magformers. We were introduced to Magnatiles (a similar but different product to Magformers) several years ago when Grandma and Grandpa bought them as gifts. While we loved Magnatiles – when I went to buy my kids some, I couldn’t find any on sale.

Yes, this is where I admit how cheap I am.

I appreciate a good toy sale and since Magnatiles never seem to be available on a discount, we started the boys collecting Magformers.

Something to note: Magnatiles and Magformers are not compatible. While it seems they would play well together, they don’t. It’s best to start one collection of either and stick with that same brand. 

Magformers Review

Magformers Review

Plastic magnet toys that my kids can’t get enough of would be how I tell someone what Magformers are. But, leave it to Amazon to better describe what they are:

MAGFORMERS are easy to use and never frustrating. The patented intelligently designed MAGFORMERS magnets are housed in colorful, high quality ABS plastic. They always attract and never repel, so the moment any two pieces touch they connect. High quality magnets that instantly connect are sure to spark curiosity and play time is creative, stimulating, and constructive. Building with MAGFORMERS engages mathematical and scientific thought, deductive reasoning, and requires use of spatial awareness. Manipulating the powerful, colorful MAGFORMERS magnets IS educational, but despite being an educational experience, play is magical and FUN!

Why Do Kids Love Magformers

I would say kids love Magformers so much, for the same reason that they love LEGOs. They inspire creativity and free play. They are durable and open the mind to creative play. My kids have built ships, towers, dogs, it’s always neat to see what they will come up with next (or use the handy guide to help build cool items.)

Magformer magnet toy for kids

What Age Are Magformers Good For?

We started our youngest when he was 2 with Magformers. They are big enough so he can stick in his mouth without me having a fear of choking. At age 3, he really began to put them together and make things. My 5-year-old has blown us away with his crazy creations this last year. We have an 11-year-old who enjoys playing with them as well.

Why Parents Love Magformers

magformers review

I love the fact that these toys are so durable and that they last. Did I mention I have 3 BOYS that are rough and tough and destroy just about everything, but have yet to be able to destroy Magformers! Our kids have yet to get bored with them, which this past year for Christmas, I bought 4 additional add-on sets and didn’t feel bad giving the kids this as one of their “big” gifts because I KNEW they would be played with and they have!

BONUS: Magformers don’t hurt NEAR as much as LEGOs do when stepped on (but do know they can cause slipping!) 

Are Magformers right for your kid? The best thing to do is start small. Buy a beginner set, such as the one above. For the 30-piece set, it’s around $30 on Amazon. Let your kids’ imagination go to town!

Parents who already have this toy – leave a comment with your Magformers review!

Magformers Review

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