I’m Pregnant with My Third Child!

Boobs That Hurt.

Super Sensitive to Smells.

Weird Cravings & Extremely Fatigued.

If you guessed PREGNANT – come on down and you win the chance to help me pay for this 3rd child I am bringing into this world!

Pregnant with My Third Child

As sarcastic as it sounds, I am actually OVER THE MOON!  The Baby Daddy and I – have thought for a while an addition would be fun. We are random people and the more the merrier. But after dealing with infertility issues with our first and a surprise birth control baby with our second, we decided to give it to God and not worry about when it happens or if it happens.

I would of been perfectly happy adopting a cute little baby from any country or fostering kids who need a stable home. Here we are, with a 6 year old and a 4 year old and what. what. I’m pregnant and smiling and feeling huge.

A few things about this third pregnancy – pregnant with my third child

  • I have no idea how pregnant I am. (don’t ask – I hate long posts).
  • The doctor can’t see me for another 3 weeks.
  • I feel like I am busting out of my pants.
  • I feel like the whole office is saying “fat? or pregnant?”
  • No vomiting!  (and knocking on wood as I type this!)

The office I work in is full of women. Whenever someone gets a hair cut – you can hear the “WOW!” “LOVE IT” “DO YOU HAVE YOUR HAIR STYLIST’S CARD?” across the office. I managed to keep the last kid under wraps for a good 6 months from the majority of the staff. Let’s just say, I had a corner cubicle and wore a Martha Stewart poncho anytime I came in. I am so not kidding.  This time – I have a feeling that ain’t gonna happen. I have an office and a real title and I think my co-workers know me too well.

For the time being, i’m going to keep it quiet (like this post – i’ll make public after I see the doctor).  Right now, it’s just my inner-inner circle – which means my sister, sister-in-law and a friend who is also pregnant! Guess I should let the Grandparents know? Nah, we’ll surprise them for Christmas.

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