20 Christmas Traditions to Start With Your Child

20 Christmas Traditions to Start with Your KidsChristmas is my favorite time of year. Some find this time of year stressful – not for us. We indulge in the little things, don’t care about the big things and just make this our favorite time of year.

It’s not always been so easy going, stress-free. Once we let go of everything having to be perfect, we found peace with just enjoying time together and not fussing over the etcetera.

I mentioned we spend a lot of time with our kids during this time – what we do is create these little Christmas traditions that we do year after year. These aren’t expensive. It’s not about money. It’s about time together, embracing the season and creating memories with our kids that will be grown and out of the house before we know it.

If you are looking for Christmas traditions to start with your child, check these ideas out:

Christmas Traditions with Kids

1. Christmas Cards

christmas cards

Everyone sends them, get your kids involved. Our kids help put the cards in envelopes and then are allowed to color and put stickers all over the cards. Is their way of adding a special touch of personalization.

2. Gingerbread Houses

We typically buy the $5 pre-made gingerbread house and decorate it. One year we bought a fancy gingerbread house to decorate, it came out just as bad as a cheap one. This year, we may just make and build our own.

3. Santa Claus

Photos with Santa Clause

We STILL see Santa Claus. We don’t do Santa in our house anymore, but a photo with Santa is just something we do year – after – year.

4. Christmas Lights

In order to have a successful Christmas light evening, we stop at 7-11 for hot chocolate. We crank up the Christmas music, then head to a fancy part of town where people spend more on Christmas lights then we spent on our house.

5. Baking Cookies

baking christmast cookies

They are never picture perfect and they always leave our kitchen filthy – but I wouldn’t trade anything for the afternoon of fun we have baking Christmas cookies.

6. Jesus’Birthday Cake

Jesus' birthday cake

Since Jesus is the reason for the season, we make Jesus a birthday cake each Christmas eve and eat it on Christmas morning.

7. Angel Tree

Giving back is such an important thing to us. We want our kids to be grateful for what they have and giving humans. The Angel Tree is a great way to teach your children both of those important things in life.

8. Advent Calendar

Give your child an advent calendar, or make your own to count down the days until Christmas.

9. Christmas Caroling

I can’t carry a note for the life of me, but my kids LOVE to belt out Christmas songs. Head to a senior living center (call ahead of time!) – and bring the kids to sing Christmas carols. The residents will adore this and so will your kids.

10. Christmas Family Movie Night

family christmas movies

Pop some popcorn and string it while watching some of your favorite family Christmas movies!

11. Christmas Eve Church

Our church does a Christmas eve service. We usually get fancy (because we never do any other time when going to church) and celebrate Jesus.

12. Christmas Eve Books

We always read Christmas in the Manger on Christmas eve. Before we took our focus off of Santa, it was The Night Before Christmas.

13. Nativity Scenes

We found a kid-friendly nativity scene that the kids can play with. Want something fun to do? HIDE Jesus until Christmas day.

14. Ornament Making

making christmas ornaments with the kids

Check out this list of ornaments kids can make! These make great gifts!

15. Decorating the Tree

We turn up the Christmas music LOUD and let the kids decorate the tree however they want! Then when they go to bed, pour a glass of wine and re-do it. That’s what I do.

16. White Elephant

My family typically does a white elephant gift exchange. This is always hilarious and we always bring things that are totally inappropriate because why not.

17. Christmas Breakfast Casserole

On Christmas eve, after baking Jesus’ birthday cake, my husband and I make a breakfast casserole that can be stuck in the fridge and cooked in the morning. This does a few things: we know what we are having for breakfast and keeps the kids full until Christmas dinner.

18. Christmas Photos on Christmas Morning

Check out our list of pictures you must take on Christmas day.

19. Kid Friendly Christmas Decor

Last year we made a wall felt Christmas scene. This was super kid friendly, the kids loved decorating the felt snow man and felt Christmas tree.

20. Matching Pajamas

Matching Christmas Pajamas

Yes, we do the Christmas matching pajama bit. Even with 4 kids. Even thought we have a girl. Even though this is a royal pain in the butt each year. BUT, the photos on Christmas morning looks adorable. And the kids get to open their Christmas pajamas the night before.



  1. Jamie

    October 28, 2015 at 10:46 am

    I know I am a year late to this post, but I just want to tell you there are some amazing traditions on this list. We do about 12 of them. My kids are 16 and 14 and we have been doing some of them their entire lives. I still get them coordinated pajamas every year and have them open that gift on Christmas Eve so the Christmas morning pictures are extra cute.
    Baking and decorating christmas cookies has been a tradition in my family since I was a small child. We still do this every Christmas with my Mom.

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