Having a Baby is a Pain – What No One Tells You About Child Birth

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I love my kids. I absolutely love babies. If it weren’t for this things called a vasectomy, I would probably be pregnant with our fifth child. The husband didn’t want five and you know now that we are settled with four we are happy as a family of six. All that said, and as much as I love the idea … Read More

18 Weeks Pregnant with My Third Child

I am now 18 weeks pregnant with our third child. The pregnant belly continues to protrude. The pregnancy pants that fell off of me 2 weeks ago, now fit. I am growing and so is this darling little baby inside of my belly. 18 Weeks Pregnant Speaking of belly – behold it’s my 18 weeks pregnant belly shot! I couldn’t … Read More

17 Weeks Pregnant with My Third Child

17 weeks pregnant with our third child – here we are! CHECK OUT THAT BELLY! I never took regular belly shots with my other 2 kids. I think it was because I just couldn’t process the idea of me growing a human inside me.  Look at me, I’ve progressed.  But as I continue to grow from Macy’s Day Parade Float … Read More

15 Weeks Pregnant with My Third Child

15 weeks pregnant with my third child, I feel like a huge pregnant cow. While yes, I think pregnancy is beautiful. I love the miracle of life, the process of growing a child, nurturing it in my womb for 9 months and then delivering it – I still feel insecure about myself and this photo gives me all kinds of … Read More

Pregnancy Emotions with My Third Child

My pregnancy emotions are OUT OF WHACK with my third child. I feel as if I am on a roller coaster, a pregnancy roller coaster of emotions. I have good days (high) and bad days (low) – and then others I feel like I am going thru the loopy loop – oh the ride of life. Pregnancy is a roller … Read More