Baby Fever

curing baby fever

No, if you see this blog post title and think DAMN WOMAN didn’t you just birth one of them kids? Yes. I did. No I am not having another bebe, but you know who is? STEPHANIE! Yes, my sister-in-law is preggers carrying my future nephson or niece-daughter. This little one is the remedy for baby fever. Congrats RSJC!

First World Problems of the Baby Kind

first world baby problems

First world problems are amongst us Americans ESPECIALLY when it comes to raising a baby. We have all kinds of issues that are so major they crush and ruin our day. You know, like baby blow outs and such.  Major problems. Here’s a little dose of reality. We are SPOILED. It’s amazing to look at how spoiled we really are … Read More

This Week’s Baby Bargains

Who doesn’t love a great deal on baby stuff? I am compulsive with saving money in regards to nearly everything. Call me cheap, but with 4 of them kids money isn’t growing on trees! I write a weekly round up on Babble of the best baby bargains. This week’s bargains include a tandem stroller, Plum Organic baby food pouches and … Read More

Quiet Time People

hour of silence

My little ones, oh how I love them and their noise – except one thing. This mom needs a break. You know, just a WEE bit of time without the clanking and stomping and who knows what that other noise is. In an effort to regain sanity, I’ve established The Power Hour  The Hour of Silence. 60 whole minutes of … Read More

Zeke Turns 6 Months!

Celebrating Zeke's half birthday

Yes folks, some how our little baby is 6 months old. We celebrated Zeke’s half birthday.  He is sitting up. He rolls EVERYWHERE. He owns us. Check out all of the photos from our celebration – it’s what I’m babbling… Zeke’s Half Birthday