Pregnancy Emotions with My Third Child

My pregnancy emotions are OUT OF WHACK with my third child. I feel as if I am on a roller coaster, a pregnancy roller coaster of emotions. I have good days (high) and bad days (low) – and then others I feel like I am going thru the loopy loop – oh the ride of life. Pregnancy is a roller … Read More

Pregnancy Morning Sickness With My Third Child

Pregnancy morning sickness is every pregnant woman’s fear and nightmare if she has to deal with it. I am still shocked that we’re adding another member to the household. It’s something we’ve planned for and have been trying for almost the past year. **TMI NOTICE** I have a screwed up period, so I actually have NO idea how far along … Read More

I’m Pregnant with My Third Child!

Boobs That Hurt. Super Sensitive to Smells. Weird Cravings & Extremely Fatigued. If you guessed PREGNANT – come on down and you win the chance to help me pay for this 3rd child I am bringing into this world! Pregnant with My Third Child As sarcastic as it sounds, I am actually OVER THE MOON!  The Baby Daddy and I … Read More