The Very First Post

Why is it the very first post takes so much time to craft? You want to get it right. You want it to be special. You want it to make sense. I guess blogging is like parenting your child. You try. You sometimes fail. But at the end of the day you just want it to be successful. This blogging … Read More

Kid Neck Injury and a Visit to the ER

Our kid has a neck injury. Never fun, nor is a visit to the ER ever fun. Friday evening, E and his friend were playing with Izaiah and Z. Sean was in the garage, I was in the shower. The bro and sis-in-law were coming over before we all went out to eat. I get out of the shower and … Read More

18 Weeks Pregnant with My Third Child

I am now 18 weeks pregnant with our third child. The pregnant belly continues to protrude. The pregnancy pants that fell off of me 2 weeks ago, now fit. I am growing and so is this darling little baby inside of my belly. 18 Weeks Pregnant Speaking of belly – behold it’s my 18 weeks pregnant belly shot! I couldn’t … Read More

17 Weeks Pregnant with My Third Child

17 weeks pregnant with our third child – here we are! CHECK OUT THAT BELLY! I never took regular belly shots with my other 2 kids. I think it was because I just couldn’t process the idea of me growing a human inside me.  Look at me, I’ve progressed.  But as I continue to grow from Macy’s Day Parade Float … Read More

15 Weeks Pregnant with My Third Child

15 weeks pregnant with my third child, I feel like a huge pregnant cow. While yes, I think pregnancy is beautiful. I love the miracle of life, the process of growing a child, nurturing it in my womb for 9 months and then delivering it – I still feel insecure about myself and this photo gives me all kinds of … Read More