I’m a Type B Mom

type b mom

Over the years, my circle of friends has grown to have more and more mom friends.  As we hang out, and talk about parenting, life and what have you – I quickly came to the realization that the way I parent is not quite like their way. I should say, not all of my friends are like this – but … Read More

3 Year Old Won’t Sleep


Our Zeke is now 3 years old. He slept thru the night at 6 weeks. He was never colicky. He hit his milestones right on key. His terrible 2’s were down right terrific. And then last month he turned 3. I was warned that if 2 was good, 3 would be terrible. This is our fourth child. You’d think we would … Read More

The Cure for Hair Tangles That Won’t Leave Them Kids Crying

How to Cure Hair Tangles Without Tears!

I have very unfond memories of growing up with long hair. There were the what seemed like ENDLESS hours of sitting and crying while my mom brushed out my hair tangles. Hair tangles suck. Low and behold, I have a daughter. She is now 11 and has long hair. She’s gone short once, but has since grown her hair back out. … Read More