Zeke Turns 6 Months!

Celebrating Zeke's half birthday

Yes folks, some how our little baby is 6 months old. We celebrated Zeke’s half birthday.  He is sitting up. He rolls EVERYWHERE. He owns us. Check out all of the photos from our celebration – it’s what I’m babbling… Zeke’s Half Birthday

Surviving After Having a Baby

surviving after having a baby

I may not know everything – but one thing I do know is that the few months following the birth of a child is HELL. Add in a few other kids, and you have CHAOS! The sad thing is, babies only last so long. The first few months that are so crazy will go by in a blink, but when … Read More

2011 – A Year in Review

2011 rocked

Wow. Just like that another year has flown by. Of the 15 years Sean and I have been together, this has been the most significant. We started the year finding out about Zeke, went through another pregnancy and then had our sweet baby. Our sweet FOURTH baby. We still chuckle as we sit at the dinner table and look at … Read More