A New Chapter for Our Story – We’re Moving

we're moving

This is the year for adventure with our family. In the last 9 months, we have added a new member, changed careers and now we are embarking on selling the house and moving. 10 years ago we built our house knowing it would be the home to any future children that we had. The house was way too big for … Read More

Baby Does Something Illegal

baby standing in crib

In this casa, I have implemented a no more growing up rule. Enough with the getting bigger stuff. I like my baby just the size and age that he is. Apparently our little dude likes to break rules. I walked into his room this afternoon to find him in his crib STANDING. ILLEGAL! No you cannot stand up in your … Read More

Quiet Time People

hour of silence

My little ones, oh how I love them and their noise – except one thing. This mom needs a break. You know, just a WEE bit of time without the clanking and stomping and who knows what that other noise is. In an effort to regain sanity, I’ve established The Power Hour  The Hour of Silence. 60 whole minutes of … Read More

The Boy Who Needed a Sheep Costume

how to make a sheep costume

I am perfectly aware that someday my son will hate me for posting this photo on this blog. E, we love you – sheep and all. You will always be our little lamb. harharhar. A few weeks ago, the school sent out an email letting us know our son E would be playing the role of SHEEP in an upcoming … Read More

Easter Minus Too Much Easter Bunny

beyond colored eggs

Today I’m blogging over at Tommy Nelson talking about Creating an Easter Beyond the Colored Eggs and Easter Bunny. This year, more than ever we really tried to focus less on the secular hoopla. While I really don’t care to shelter my kids from the secular world, I don’t want to shelter than from Jesus and the true meaning of … Read More