Baby Fever

curing baby fever

No, if you see this blog post title and think DAMN WOMAN didn’t you just birth one of them kids? Yes. I did. No I am not having another bebe, but you know who is? STEPHANIE! Yes, my sister-in-law is preggers carrying my future nephson or niece-daughter. This little one is the remedy for baby fever. Congrats RSJC!

First World Problems of the Baby Kind

first world baby problems

First world problems are amongst us Americans ESPECIALLY when it comes to raising a baby. We have all kinds of issues that are so major they crush and ruin our day. You know, like baby blow outs and such.  Major problems. Here’s a little dose of reality. We are SPOILED. It’s amazing to look at how spoiled we really are … Read More

This Week’s Baby Bargains

Who doesn’t love a great deal on baby stuff? I am compulsive with saving money in regards to nearly everything. Call me cheap, but with 4 of them kids money isn’t growing on trees! I write a weekly round up on Babble of the best baby bargains. This week’s bargains include a tandem stroller, Plum Organic baby food pouches and … Read More

A New Chapter for Our Story – We’re Moving

we're moving

This is the year for adventure with our family. In the last 9 months, we have added a new member, changed careers and now we are embarking on selling the house and moving. 10 years ago we built our house knowing it would be the home to any future children that we had. The house was way too big for … Read More

Baby Does Something Illegal

baby standing in crib

In this casa, I have implemented a no more growing up rule. Enough with the getting bigger stuff. I like my baby just the size and age that he is. Apparently our little dude likes to break rules. I walked into his room this afternoon to find him in his crib STANDING. ILLEGAL! No you cannot stand up in your … Read More