christmas pajamas photo

The Annual Christmas Pajamas Photo

I mentioned in our Christmas Traditions post that Christmas pajamas was an annual theme when it comes to our family. It’s a family tradition that the kids are use to and it’s so nice come Christmas morning all the kids matching for photos. (Read 7 photos you must take on Christmas morning.) This year, I […]

Christmas Eve Service

I Survived Christmas Eve Service With My Kids

I’ve been doing this parenting thing for over a decade now and while I like to think I am a care-free parent, there is ONE annual event that sends me into hyper-active helicopter mom mode….. Christmas Eve Church Service. At our church, child care is open for kids under 3. All kids over, are invited […]

20 Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Kids

20 Christmas Traditions to Start With Your Child

Christmas is my favorite time of year. Some find this time of year stressful – not for us. We indulge in the little things, don’t care about the big things and just make this our favorite time of year. It’s not always been so easy going, stress-free. Once we let go of everything having to […]

Kids Christmas Books

25 Christmas Book to Read to Them Kids

Christmas books are apart of our routine this holiday season. We try to read to our kids every night, and what better way to get in the festive mood than read a good story about Christmas. On Christmas eve, we make it a priority to read our kids the real Christmas story from the Christmas […]

Frozen Gift Ideas

The Ultimate Frozen Gift Guide

The ultimate Frozen gift guide has arrived, jam packed with gift ideas for your favorite ice princess or prince! I don’t know about you – okay, I am pretty sure I am not alone in this – but I just can’t with the Let It Go song. If you are like me, I would skip the […]

Toddler Gift Ideas - Power Wheels

Toddler Gift Idea: Power Wheels

Christmas is right around the corner and if you are in the market for a toddler – we will be featuring a plethora of toddler gift ideas over the next month in preparation for the gift giving season! Our first 2 kids filled our garage with Power Wheels. Just after we sold the last 2 […]

type b mom

I’m a Type B Mom

Over the years, my circle of friends has grown to have more and more mom friends.  As we hang out, and talk about parenting, life and what have you – I quickly came to the realization that the way I parent is not quite like their way. I should say, not all of my friends […]


3 Year Old Won’t Sleep

Our Zeke is now 3 years old. He slept thru the night at 6 weeks. He was never colicky. He hit his milestones right on key. His terrible 2’s were down right terrific. And then last month he turned 3. I was warned that if 2 was good, 3 would be terrible. This is our fourth […]

How to Cure Hair Tangles Without Tears!

The Cure for Hair Tangles That Won’t Leave Them Kids Crying

I have very unfond memories of growing up with long hair. There were the what seemed like ENDLESS hours of sitting and crying while my mom brushed out my hair tangles. Hair tangles suck. Low and behold, I have a daughter. She is now 11 and has long hair. She’s gone short once, but has since […]